10 Amazing Facts About Tiffany Trump You Didn’t Know, # 8 Is A Secret.

Tiffany Ariana Trump, The youngest daughter of The US President, Donald Trump. She became the talk of the town for the grandeur life she leads. She gained popularity after her speech during the campaign of her father and she stood as a rock solid support for him like Ivanka. Not to forget that she was given a prime slot for speech after Chris Christie, the New Jersey Governor. During this time, she gained a lot of followers on her social media handles. Here are some lesser known facts about Tiffany Trump.

1. She’s the daughter of Marla Maples.

1. She is the daughter of Marla Maples.


Marla Maples hit the news as a home wrecker of Donald Trump’s marriage of 12 years with Ivana Trump. Marla’s Affair was the talk of the town during 1990’s. She married Trump after Tiffany was born.

2. A Democrat Boyfriend.

2. She has a Democrat boyfriend.


Tiffany’s Boyfriend, Ross Mechanic is a registered Democrat. We all know that Trump won the presidential elections as a Republican. Ross was seen supporting Trump at various events.

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