10 Lesser known facts about Brock Lesnar which every wwe fan must know!!

If you are a noteworthy fan of WWE, then you must be well aware of this exceptional athlete. Yes, it is none other than one and only Brock Lesnar. The beast incarnate is ruling all over the professional world in wrestling and in MMA. He kept his foot in WWE ring and entitled as the youngest undisputed champion in the history of WWE. Rather than talking about the endless achievements of this tremendous star, let’s have a look at some of the startling facts about him. Here you go!!

  1. He sued WWE in 2005

About a decade ago, the relationship between both WWE and Brock Lesnar were really not solicitous. Most of you who are diehard fans of him must be aware that Lesnar quit the WWE in 2004 in the wake of stinking up Madison Square Garden with a melancholy match versus Goldberg.


2. His childhood nickname

Though it’s not a good idea to give Brock Lesnar any kind of nickname nowadays, you’ll be surprised to know that a childhood friend of Lesnar ‘Justin Gaikowski’ used to tease him by saying ‘Broccoli’. Justin clarified on the WWE DVD “Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain!” “When you’re youthful, no one likes to eat broccoli. I’d resemble, ‘Hello, Broccoli! You have terrible taste!’ ”


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