10 Lesser known facts about Brock Lesnar which every wwe fan must know!!

3. Brock is colorblind

Oh my god! This is definitely shocking news! But yeah that’s a true fact that males suffer from colorblindness more than the females and unfortunately, Brock is no exception to this. Don’t worry guys, Brock can see all the objects with full clarity? The only thing that is little annoying is that he can’t differentiate between red, green or blue color.


4. He tried his luck in AMERICAN NATIONAL FOOTBALL

After getting fed up from WWE, Lesnar decided to try his hand at football. Lesnar was quite brave in his style of play and didn’t reconsider in bringing on his incredible attitudes of yore in a game against the Kansas City Chiefs; “I’ve got to prove myself. If it’s fighting and clawing and whatever, then that’s what I’m going to do. I haven’t had this much fun since … I can’t remember. I have only one speed.” but then he left football and continued with wrestling.he has his demons.


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