13 Most Awkward Selfie Reflection Fails Ever!

We all love to click selfies and are almost addicted to them. Wherever we go whatever we do, we just want to click a selfie and upload it on social media. Sometimes we just tend to ignore the background and fail ourselves miserably in front of the world and become a Meme. Here are some people who failed so miserably that we will definitely become cautious before uploading it.

1. Refection Fails.

Selfie reflection fails.


2. Such a Naughty One.


This girl is such a naughty one. Did she not see the reflection of what she’s watching on her goggles.

3. RIP girls.


Cause both of you girls will end up dead after the third girl is done with her work.

4. Such a Liar.



Where on the earth is the traffic, bro?

5. Busted by Comments.


This is what happens when you’re a Mess and doesn’t care to keep things where there are supposed to be.

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