13 Smart Survival Tricks That Helps You Solve Everyday Problems.

1. Telling time from Sun, Moon or North Star.

Get all three tutorials on WikiHow.


We might go on a camping trip and what if our phone dies in the middle of nowhere? That is why it’s essential to learn how to know the time from Sun, Moon or North Star. Get the tutorials of telling time without a clock, here on WikiHow.

2. Storing Dried Foods in Soda Cans.

Best if you already drink soda and have 'em around. Get the how-to on Crisis Survivor Tips.


We all have empty soda cans in our houses which can be put to use by storing dried foods. It not only saves the storing place but also keeps them fresh for a long time. Check out to know more Crisis Survivor Tips.

3. Or Choose Mason Jars instead.

Prettier but pricier than the 2-liter soda bottles. Read more about this food storage strategy on Melissa Knorris, learn how to seal jars without electricity on Tenth Acre Farm, and get basic tips for making your bulk storage last as long as possible from Outdoor Life.


Costlier than soda cans but it would make your storage place look a lot prettier and they can be sealed without electricity too. Wanna know how? Check out Tenth Acre Farm and check Melissa Knorris to get tips on bulk storage for a long period.

4. Opening Stuck Jars with Tape.

There's a specific way to lay the duct tape down so this works — check out this Instructable to learn how.


Just a few inches of duct tape can do the magic of opening stuck jar. Check out Instructables to know the right way without spilling the contents in the jar.

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