29 Random Things You’ll Want To Tell Everybody Immediately Even Though They’re Completely Useless

While Binge browsing through Reddit, Found an insane thread which asked the users, “What’s your favourite piece of useless trivia?” The answers were pretty crazy, utterly useless. But you can have a heartful laugh while going through them. So here we present you with 29 Random Facts You’ll Want To Tell Everyone Immediately Even Though They’re Completely Useless.

1. “Paul Winchell, The person who is the Voice of Tigger in Winnie The Pooh Invented an artificial heart”

— RegularIan


– RegularIan

Now that is way too cool. Never seen a scientist who is a voice-over artist.

2. “Ketchup was sold as medicine in 1830’s.”

– the_music_of_chance

Like seriously? I don’t know that ketchup cure diseases.

3. “Penguins can survive on seawater also. They have glands under their eyes that can secrete excess salt content in the water.”

— SwordAndPenguin


– SwordAndPenguin

4. “Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore were roommates during their college time.”

– DaFlabbagasta

5. For travelling From North Korea to Norway, You only have to cross one country.

– TeikaDunmora

6. If a living sponge is pushed through a mesh screen, It will rearrange itself in few hours.

— Black_Sun_Rising


– Black_Sun_Rising

Now, this is what called rising like a phoenix.

7. Do you that horses can’t vomit? Well Now, you know.

– noiseinsidemyhead

8. Redheads need more amount of anaesthesia than the rest.

– JohnnyWall

9. Killer whale attacks Moose when they go from island to island in search of food which makes them a natural predator of Moose.

— Punult

Hanhanpeggy / Getty Images

– Punult

10. Argentine Lake Duck has a penis which has more length than its body. Now you know what to compare your guy’s ahem ahem.

– Mr-Sister-Fister21

11. Dr Suess wrote “Green Eggs and Ham” because someone said a children’s book is impossible to write without 50different words.

— Violist03


– Violist03

12. The whole of Australia can fit in the Sahara Desert comfortably and probably will have so much space to share.

– hortontoo

13. In Japan, Squeaky floors are built inside every house as a defensive plan against Ninjas.

– juiceboxheero

14. Honey is the only food in the world which doesn’t expire. Honey is buried with Pharaohs in Egypt is still edible.

— yesim2sp00ky4u

Metkalova / Getty Images

– yesim2sp00ky4u

15. Second is named as second as it is the second division of an hour, the first being the minute.

– elee0228

16. Strawberries and Raspberries aren’t berries but bananas and avocados are.

— Funkidelic

People images / Getty Images

– Funkidelic

17. The Atlantic Ocean is comparatively saltier than The Pacific Ocean.

– PwollenSussy

18. All the planets can be inserted between the earth and the moon.

– TheWillDunne

19. “The Price Is Right and Grand Theft Auto use the same font.”

— ImGoingBearzerk


– ImGoingBearzerk

20. Trump, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton were born in the different months of the same summer.

– Seinfeldologist

21. Wyoming only has two escalators.

— reaganbush2020

Burger Records

– reaganbush2020

22. Ohio is the only state in the United States of America that doesn’t share a letter with the word mackerel.

– cahlima

23. Antarctica is the largest desert in the world.

– doradiamond

24. Humanity has spent 11,300 years watching the video “Love the way you lie.” RiRi must be proud of it.

— LevitatingPorkchop

Aftermath Records

– LevitatingPorkchop

25. Maine is the closest state to Africa.

– Vowell33

26. Pirates wore eye patches for a reason, and the reason is the eye gets used to the darkness, which allows them to see in the darkness below the deck.

— unknownbone


– unknown bone

27. Pope John Paul II is an honorary Harlem Globetrotter.

– pilgrimteeth

28. On Venus, A year is shorter than a day.

— snydogg29

Claudioventrella / Getty Images

– snydogg29

29. Average postage stamp glue contains 5.9 calories per stamp.

– severed13

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