6 Popular Dog Breeds Before And After 100 Years Of Breeding.

Dogs are considered as a Man’s best friend. Give love to a dog and it’ll double the amount of love and give it back to you. One of the most trustworthy companions a person can ever have is a dog. It is a known fact that change is inevitable, but have you ever wondered how our beloved dog breeds have changed over years. Now You must be thinking when and how did this evolution took place? Some of the dogs did change over a period of time in terms of characteristics, health and behaviour.




Though they are one of the most loved breeds in the world, It suffered the most due to intensive breeding and suffered from some serious illness which as a result has a shorter span of life. The Bulldog still looks fierce and but you can still notice the changes easily.




This fighter breed was later bred with a combination of the old English Terrier and the Bulldog. The changes in its appearance are very significant. Due to the excessive breeding, the dog changed in terms of its looks. It used to look thin but now got a slightly thicker abdomen. It looks like it became slightly small in terms of height.

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