10 Pictures Ronda Rousey Doesn’t Want You To See

Have you ever tried Judo or Taekwondo? It is not real sports we all know. When it comes to men, it can be sensible, but in the case of women, it’s little dangerous. I am not saying women can participate in this sports, but still, it’s little horrible. Just think a woman is competing in the international level match in Judo. If you are a real fan of Judo, then you know Ronda Rousey. Who won a bronze medal in 2008 Summer Olympics has won 12 consecutive MMA fights but is that it? He is not only to face the opponent in the ring, but she also has to put his effort to manage the world also. Due to her mindblowing fighting and her action she has acted in a couple of Hollywood motion pictures like The Expendables 3, Furious 7 and Entourage. But she is still shy of something. In fact, the UFC mixed martial artist has images that aren’t as appealing as her winning shots.

1. Sports Illustrated 2016Ronda Rousey

We already said she is not a java cloud developer, car accident lawyer but she is a good fighter.  Not only did she become a familiar name in the world of UFC, but she also managed to land on the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. The upcoming images are not competing her, but still, you can get some more fact by these pictures.

2. Messy Hair

Ever you noticed your messy hair? I didn’t too. But this image reminds us that even celebrities choose to leave the house with messy hair.

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