Remember This Viral Photo Of Parents Who Had 6 Babies? This Is How They Look Like Now.

We are talking about McGhee family’s amazing couple Mia and Rozonno and their sextuplets. Mia and Rozonno had been trying for children for 10 years and then the Lord blessed them with Six children. Quite Amazing eh? Their Picture with 6 children went viral on social media a few years back and In 2016 they posed in the same manner. They even did a reality show ‘Growing Up McGhee’, which was previously named as ‘6 Little McGhees’. This Family certainly had it’s ups and downs as raising six children at once is quite a deal but the love between Mia and Rozonno is very much the same. The family is happy and healthy and certainly enjoying their life.

Portrait of the ‘6 Little McGhees’.


The Viral Click from 2010.


This is the picture that went viral in 2010. The happy couple with their sextuplets. Isn’t it a cute family portrait? Getting all those happy Family vibes when I look at this. I’m sure you must be feeling the same.

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