Remember This Viral Photo Of Parents Who Had 6 Babies? This Is How They Look Like Now.

Their Own Reality Show.


In 2012, They got their own reality show. The show focused on Hectic home troubles and on their carpet cleaning business.

Recreation of the Viral Picture.

This lovely family tried to recreate the picture that went viral in 2010 and their attempt was so adorable and was appreciated by many.

The couple is still in so much love.


Through all their hardships, couple’s love for each other is growing. Maybe this is what true love is, Remaining together no matter what the odds are.

The Sibling Love.


The siblings, Elijah, Issac, Josiah, Madison, Olivia and Rozonno Jr. love for one another isn’t less too. This makes one such happy family. Apart from the cat fights these siblings love each other to the core.

Couple’s Signature Photograph.

Well, adorable picture. Isn’t it?

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