These Warning Signs Could Mean Cancer! Don’t Ignore If You Notice Any Of These Symptoms.

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases right now. In most of the cases, the symptoms are ignored by most of the people due to their lack of knowledge about the disease. Due to this, the diagnosis gets late and as a result, many lives are lost just because of ignoring the symptoms. As we all know precaution is better than cure, it’s better to know the symptoms of Cancer.

1. Unexplained Pain.

1. Unexplained and lingering pain.


Unexplained and constant lingering pain can be a symptom of Cancer. Do check up with a doctor to make sure that it’s not Cancer cause Constant pain in any area is not normal.

2. A persistent cough or hoarseness.

2. A persistent cough or hoarseness that doesn't get better with time.


A cough and Hoarseness are common because of cold or allergy to a particular set of things. But a continuous cough or hoarseness that doesn’t get better isn’t common and it is a warning sign of Lung Cancer.

3. Changes in Bladder Habits.

3. Change in bladder habits.


Finding blood in urine or having to pee number of times than the usual can be a sign. Do not ignore this as it could be cancer or an Infection in the Bladder.

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