These Warning Signs Could Mean Cancer! Don’t Ignore If You Notice Any Of These Symptoms.

4. Changes in Bowel Routine.

4. Change in bowel routine.


Certain eating disorders can cause it but continuous changes in bowel habits are a sign of cancer.

5. Fatigue.

5. Unexplained fatigue.


Being tired all the time is not a common sign and can’t be neglected at any cost. It may not be cancer but it can be other serious illness as being tired is a symptom of many diseases.

6. Bleeding.

6. Unexplained bleeding.


Another common sign of Cancer is Bleeding. If blood is seen while coughing, it could be lung cancer. If seen in the stool it could be rectal cancer or if seen in urine or if it’s vaginal bleeding while not on periods, it could be cervical cancer.

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